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Introducing WPf2b Blocklist

You know your sites are under constant attack - that's why you run WPf2b. Wouldn't it be good if an attack on another WPf2b site could protect your site?

That's exactly what WPf2b Blocklist does.

Put simply, it combines events from multiple sources and pushes updates to subscribed WPf2b sites. The more sites that subscribe the better it will work, so yes, there will be a free tier (details tbc).

I'm looking for 10-20 users to be Beta testers, and in return you'll get a free year's subscription to the top tier (details tbc). The sites will be carefully selected to cover all types and areas - not “first come first served” - so if you'd like to get involved please let me know!

Introducing WPf2b Pro

Many plugins add more and more features that only a few users actually need. That's not to say they're bad features, just that only a few get the benefit and everyone suffers the bloat.

From the start I decided not to do that with WPf2b; there would be the core plugin and everything else as add-ons. It's more work for me, but you get to run only the parts you need.

WPf2b Pro is a bundle - it includes Premium and all the add-ons at a lower price than Premium and any single add-on. Premium was always intended to be “all the things” - Pro delivers that without the bloat.

In other words, today Pro is Premium and Remote Tools for a little less than buying both separately. Late this month or early November it'll be that and Blocklist - and after that, Docker. And so on - it will keep growing as WPf2b does - and at no extra cost.

For launch there's a 25% discount offer - if you're quick it's a lifetime deal (25% off now and on renewal) - but if you miss that there's 25% off the first year. See the details on the right for the discount codes.

Future Plans: Docker Support

Several people have asked me to add support for Docker to WPf2b. To do it properly is a non-trivial amount of work so it had been left in the “future plans” column. However, the world seems to be moving to Docker, so I can confirm that there will be support for Docker as an add-on.

To make sure it does what you need it to do instead of what I think it ought to do, please leave your thoughts on the forum - there's a dedicated topic for planning Docker support.

And finally...

I hope everyone is staying safe and has come to terms with whatever your “new normal” is - and as always, thanks for using WP fail2ban!


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